What does an Unlimited Graphic Design Service actually do? 

It's easier to tell you what Total Brandits doesn't do, and that is design websites or motion graphics. The reason we don't do this is because we focus on fast turnaround of projects that support your company, increase brand awareness, generate leads and ultimately sales. Think flyers, posters, leaflets, business cards, brochures and digital images for use on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the likes. 

We also work on logo design, branding and rebranding if your current logo just isn't working the way you want it to. These projects do take longer due to the more complex nature and thought process we put into brand design and we will work with you to set reasonable deadlines at the outset of the project.   


Whether you are a small business owner, the Manager of a gym or a Consultant at a Marketing Agency and you need regular design work completed to a professional level our services are perfectly aligned with you. Being an unlimited service you can use us as often as you like and there will be no unexpected bills at the end of the month!

We split jobs up into 3 types of projects

Creative Brief

The title gives this one away really. This is everything from logo design, creating a flyer and poster to promote an event to designing a series of instagram posts to drive traffic to your website. 

Anything that needs creative input and a real designers input. You'll see from our recent work this really is an area we excel in and the more we work with you or your brand the better we understand your goals and messages.

Included in our service is image sourcing, font selection and where possible multiple options, especially at the initial stage.

Due to the nature of these projects they do tend to take longer to come to a conclusion but we will always discuss and agree timescales at the beginning of the process. 

Production Brief

This type of project is where you will focus your day to day design requirements if you already have an established brand. You need to create collateral regularly such as flyers, brochures and social media visuals using your logos, images you already have all you need to do is supply us a simple message that details your requirements such as size, which photo to use and the text for us to copy, paste and format.


We have systems in place that make creating these types of projects quickly and efficiently. Again, the more we work with you and your brand the quicker we will get and the more likely we are to hit the brief with as few revisions as possible. Our clients who own gyms, health and beauty salons or a restaurant regularly this type of project to create regular and consistent messages to their customers and audience. 


So, we've already created your logo, designed a beautiful poster to promote your event and you need to create supporting online adverts and visuals to sell those last few tickets. 

When we work on your projects we save your files on our servers and we can access any project completed with the last 12 months with a couple of clicks. It means we can easily change a date on a flyer or update contact details on business cards for new employees super fast.


Our maximum turnaround for projects outwith logo design is 4 working days. It's frustrating to wait 4 days to update a price on your price list so we schedule 2 hours everyday with each designer for 'simple revisions' so we generally have these back to you within 24 hours or sooner. We know, that is a great reason alone to use Total Brandits. 



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