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Everything Total Brandits can do for you

Everything Total Brandits can do for you
Brand Consulting + Strategy + Design

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is essentially a method for conveying vital facts about your business to your target market. It's the foundation of a business, because everything you do will be informed by the brand you want to maintain.

How your brand comes across influences how people feel about it, and these feelings influence their decisions, so getting this part of the process right is critical.

It’s a long-term planning guide with specific goals and outcomes designed to raise the profile of your business and naturally lead to financial success.

Cards on the table, Brand Strategy is a complex process involving positioning your brand in the wider market, differentiating it from your competitors and working out its personality and ‘promise’ to your clients.

But fear not! Total Brandits can take care of all of this.


There is ALWAYS room for improvement! If you have an established business in need of a new identity or you’ve decided to roll your wagons out to a new kind of market, Total Brandits can help you make the change.

Logo & Identity Systems

A logo's job isn't to explain what a business does or what service it provides; logos exist to identify a business and differentiate it from its competition.

Consider famous sportswear brands like Nike, or big tech companies such as Apple – there’s not a running track or a computer in sight in their logos.

We can create a stunningly memorable identity system for your business that will take your brand to every frontier.

Brand Style Guides

Outlining all aspects of your brand in one handy point of reference - from logos to tone of voice, colours and typefaces -  Brand Style Guides are indispensable when it comes to maintaining a consistent message across all platforms.

Consistency is what it takes for your target market to get to know, recognise and, most importantly, trust your brand. It’s a waste of money to invest in professional design, only to veer off-track and dilute your impact.


Social Media

Everybody wants to crack social media, and that’s the problem! Standing out from the crowd requires a tailored strategy and high-impact, specifically targeted combinations of visuals and copy.

Total Brandits can journey into the social media canyon on your behalf, or pack you off with instructions and templates so you can make your own way. The choice is yours.

Marketing materials, Print & Packaging

Yup, the vast majority of marketing is conducted digitally. But you still can’t beat the lasting impression created by having something real to give to your clients.

From flyers and loyalty cards to glossy brochures and memorable packaging, Total Brandits can design take care of the process from design to manufacture.


Website build

Last, but not least, we can build you a slick, personalised website using the incredible Webflow platform. Enough said!

Want to create a bold and brave brand together? Say hola!